CNY Region, Eastern Division NSP

 Spring Meeting

May 11th, 2017


Attendees: Doug Adams, (Song/RD), Annie Smith (Song/RS), Marsha Powell (Greek, ROA), Cynthia Hoalcraft (Toggenburg/PD), Mark Maitag (Dry Hill/PD), Mike Adams (Dry Hill/STC, Matt DaRin (Skaneatleles/PD/also Lab patrol), Joe Homola (Highland Forest/MTR), John Condino (Dry Hill), Mark Whitmore (Greek Peak/PD), John Doll (Greek Peak/S&T SR), Scott Falso (Cazenovia/PD), Gary Bustos (Highland Forest/PD), Rob Winter (Highland Forest Nordic/Region Nordic Advisor), Scott Launt (Labrador/Alumni Advisor), Bill Perkins (Greek Peak/OET-ARD/RA), Tom Hughes (Song/ARD OEC), Joe Procopio (Song/PD), Rusty Martin (McCauley/PD), L James Jones (Woods Valley/A PD), Jeff Paston (Song/Awards Advisor), Evelyn Tordoff (Toggenburg/Reg Treasurer), John Tuttle (Labrador/ Former RD), Bert Ebeling (Dry Hill/Former RD), Patrick Sullivan (Greek Peak)


Call to order 6:23 Doug Adams, CNY Region Director, presiding

-Review Changes ( Personnel, Terminology,)

Minutes of Spring Meeting 2016 Approved

-Rob Winter, Matt Darin

Treasurer’s Report: Evelyn Tordoff

Submitted itemized report of fiscal May 2016-2017


Beginning Balance          $10,444.83 5/31/17

Income                                            $8,204.34

Expenses                          $8,718.71

Balance                             $12,417.88


Patroller dues will be due, paid through the NSP platform, by January 1, 2018.  A $10 late fee will be assessed by NSP as well as a $10 assessed by Eastern Division.  A suggestion was made to have each mountain assess an earlier due date and assess late fee to encourage patrollers to not only pay on time but so that late fees would feed back directly to the mountain’s patrol account.  The National and Divisional late fees will not be routed back to the Regional account.  John Tuttle suggests that those who do not pay their dues should not be actively patrolling. 

An updated CNY Region expense voucher has been made available to Patrol Directors, Committee Leaders/Advisors and Regional Officers.  It is to be submitted along with receipts to the appropriate department head for approval before submitting to CNY Treasurer, Evelyn Tordoff, for reimbursement.

Treasurer Tordoff stated expenses were reasonable.  She expressed that mileage is not being submitted and is available at a $.32/mile reimbursement.  She encourages members to claim that resource.  Alcoholic items/drinks will not be reimbursed.  PD’s are encouraged to finalize 990’s to submit to Eastern Division.


Personnel Changes:

CNY Regional director – was John Tuttle, now is Doug Adams #208482

CNY Assistant regional directors – were Doug Adams and Bert Ebeling, now are: Tom Hughes #206401 and Bill Perkins #134500

 CNY ROA was Tom Hughes, now is: Marsha Powell #181092

CNY treasurer was Paul Steiner, now is: Evelyn Tordoff #224706

 CNY secretary was an unfilled position, now is: Annie Smith #238832


Patrol Director Reports:

Matt (also Lab patroller)/Skaneateles-Looking for patrollers

Scott/Caz-no incidents, 1 new patroller

Mark/Dry Hill-2 injured patrollers

Joe/Song-Quiet season and shortened by weather

Cindy/Togg-103 accidents/84 days open.  Complimented Jim Morrison, Sr. OEC, on his treatment of a femur and tib/fib compound fracture. 

Scott for Time/Lab-concerned with low numbers in the skiing industry. $4500.00 raised by ‘Labfest’.  This is an uptick from last year’s numbers.

Mark/Greek Peak- Pleased that 20 NSP Greek members are also Bike Patrol lead by Mitch Kline. 

Gary/Highland- hosted bike races this past season. Shout out to HF for their awards that were printed in Ski Patrol.

Rusty/McCauley-Season ran all the way to the end

Jamo/Woods Valley-Good conditions


Committee Advisor/Leader Reports:

Scott/Alumni-Central Region has 55 Alumni.  He’s trying to build a list serve.  He’s proposing an Alumni Day.  He asks PD’s and patrollers to encourage those leaving patrol to maintain their status even they may not patrol.  He is looking to organize a fall alumni regional meeting.  Evelyn Tordoff recommends Alumni Dues be collected and deposited into the CNY Regional account. 


Mike/Web-Not present but reported for him that CNY had to pay a fee to keep our web IP address current.


Beau/Instructor Development-Some mountains lacking ID instructors.


Joe/MTR(Mountain Travel Rescue)-2 Highland Nordic skiers obtained senior status and attended a training center with an MTR course, a Nordic course and back country skill work that trained for navigation, winter camping and search & rescue.  An Eastern Division contest in Massachusetts  will be held where a two person team will work through 8 stations spanning a 6-8 mile course.  Doug Adams strongly recommends a team representing Central Region compete.


Rob/ Nordic-Announced an AMN certification course will be offered 9/15-17/17 in Northfield, M.A.   He suggested MTR and Nordic training be offered at the McCauley Patroller School this 2017-18 season.  He would like to see the implementation of dual certification at facilities that offer both alpine and Nordic trails/runs. McCauley and Highland Forest have Nordic facilities


Mike/Sr. OEC-He is working out more mountains to choose from for candidates.  He’d like to see more CNY facilities be choices. At this time, he is comfortable following former Sr. OEC Peter Adams’ schedule. 


John/Sr. OET (Assistant to Bill Perkins for Sr Training on OET)


Marsha/ROA-Requested PD to submit to her refresher dates.  She will send mass email when dates are finalized. Tentative dates as follows:



Instructor Refreshers:

8/5/17    Labrador

8/12/17  Woods Valley


Annual Refreshers:


Toggenburg     10/29  (Sun)

Highland           (attends Toggenburg)

Song                    9/30

Dry Hill                9/30

Woods Valley     9/9

Greek Peak        10/21

Skaneateles       (attends Lab)

Snow Ridge        ?

McCauley           10/7

Cazenovia           (attends Toggenburg)

Labrador             10/7  HYBRID


She raised concerns for IP care/rescue/transport protocol to follow either the OEC Manuel or local mountain/911 protocol.  She also raised the question to discuss whether candidates should be allowed to administer care before their OEC training is complete and successfully evaluated.  The general consensus of the room says no.  A new OEC Manuel will come out in 2019. 


Jeff/Awards-Jeff was highly complimenting to Highland Forest’s patrol for their Nordic performance this past season which earned them several National & Divisional awards which were announced in the latest Ski Patrol edition.  Greek Peak earned praise as well for their Divisional Awards.  Please see the attached Awards Report to see those awards.  He encourages each mountain/hill to appoint an award liaison to help acknowledge those deserving patrollers.  Jeff awarded Gary from Highland the Yellow Merit Star for his 11 year service as the Highland Patrol Director.  He announced 50 year members will receive a lifetime membership automatically.  Jeff has noticed a decline in CNY Regional awards and would like to see an uptick in recognition.  An attachment is included overviewing awards from the past decade. 




ARD Reports

Tom Hughes

-Compliments to Highland Forest for their National Awards

-Backboard protocol will be changing.  Watch for it in the OEC Refreshers

-Young Adult Patrol/YAP/15-18 yr. olds. Tom is encouraging a push to recruit.  He’d like to see a Regional YAP develop.  CNY is the only region out of the Eastern Division who doesn’t have one.  Workman’s comp/insurance and legal ramifications were issues raised.

-Tom questioned all present if they felt a Senior Eastern Division/SED patch would be of interest.  Jeff responded it’s already given.

-Complimenting to the NSP IT Platform.  He is reassuring that it is in its infancy and will grow to become a valuable tool to expedite several NSP dynamics.  He feels it will roll out well in the end.  Online Registration will be great and many PD’s agreed with this statement. 


Bill Perkins

-2017-18 Patroller Schools-5 planned throughout the state. McCauley hosted this past season and is scheduled to host again this upcoming season.

-There will be an emphasis on OET.

-Central is looking to expand the instruction platform to include Nordic and MTR components. 

-This past season saw 7 scheduled events hosting OET & S&T skill sets two of which offered both. /Not sure if this was successful.  Waiting for feedback.

-50 people participated, 25 of which were West Point Cadets. 

-12 trainer evaluators

-5 mountains/hills used but would like an expansion of the program by also using smaller, more remote hills as well. 

-A proposed OET schedule has been submitted.

-We had 6-8 senior candidates.

-Bike patrol is in its 3rd year at Greek lead by Mitch Kline. This upcoming year will see expansion as bikes will be available for rental.  This is expecting an uptick in emergency calls as more novice riders will be riding at Greek.  It runs May-October.  The Mtn. now allows 4 wheelers.

Looking for more patrollers to become certified in IMBA. 





Dave Walker/National Board/Election Chairman-held a conference call to discuss 5 upcoming National positions that will become vacant.  4 patrollers from the Eastern Division have put their name in for election with  1 patroller from the Southern Division as well.  Chris Pringle, Rick Knight, Wendy Aarnio and Bill Jordan are listed with brief commentary on the attachment sent out to all PD’s, Committee Advisors and Regional Officers.  He was very supporting of the Eastern Division members and encouraged us to vote their way come the 2017-18 election, which opens 10/15/2017. 


Burt/Former RD reported in on upcoming radio usage and its protocol.  He encourages PD’s to have conversation with local EMS/911 personnel to coordinate an agreed protocol.  He discussed possible issues arising such as which organization takes control when EMS arrives to the scene.  He suggested deciding which frequency works best so as to not interfere with neighboring municipalities who might also use radios. 


Scott Launt (Lab)  along with Naveille Sachs (Tog) are organizing an event to encourage recruitment.  On November 21, 2017, CNY Region will host the Eastern Division booth at the upcoming Warren Miller film showing at the Landmark Theater in downtown Syracuse. This booth will be a meet and greet and more importantly, a recruitment station for new members.   They are looking for YAP members as well as adult patrollers.  The booth is looking to offer NSP swag perks to those interested in joining/training with NSP.  All patrols of all hills are welcome to come staff the booth in one capacity or another.  More info to follow via email. 



-Election Nominees

-CNY Regional Awards report/decade overview.