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August 18, 2014

John Tuttle - CNY Region Director

Web-site and Refreshers


Walt Shepard and Jeff Paston have returned our web site to working order. We owe them our thanks for a job well done!

If anybody has content that needs to be posted, now would be a good time to check in with Walt to see what he needs.

Instructor refreshers have been completed and the 8 patrols that are holding individual patrols will be getting organized shortly. Please remember that any OEC instructor you use at your refresher must have attended another refresher prior to teaching at your patrol refresher. All patrollers must refresh each year. Pam Mead has the list of attendees at this yearís instructor refreshers.


July 3, 2014

John Tuttle - CNY Region Director

Region Staff Member Profile

HiÖIím asking that all Region staff complete this profile so I have an up to date record of your history with NSP. This will be useful in a variety of ways to current and future Region leadership. In addition, I welcome your feedback to improve the Regionís ability to serve our members better and what you would like to be doing within or beyond the Region  over the next 3 years. It could be doing what you are doing now, it could be adding something, and or it could be doing something different.  Click here for form.

I recognize that we are all volunteers and we have a life outside patrolling. I thank you for all you have done and I would like you to help you continue to develop your leadership skills. Are there any obstacles that you need removed from your path? Are there any resources the Region should acquire to help you grow?


December 21, 2013

John Tuttle - CNY Region Director

S&T  Workshop, S&T Refreshers, White Crosses

As a reminder, the Toboggan refresher is now a registered course and subject to our Quality Assurance process as established by National. That means the course must be conducted by approved Toboggan instructors overseen by both an IOR and an ITOR just like the OEC program. The toboggan instructors must attend a CE program at least every 3 years and be observed teaching by an IT.  If you need more toboggan instructors for your patrol, have them attend and talk with Brad about the process for becoming a toboggan instructor.

Brad will need to assign an IT to oversee and sign off on each Patrolís toboggan refresher. Please let Brad know when you are running the course. Some Patrols run everyone through on a weekend, others spread the refresher out over most of the season. I would encourage everyone to get it done early. Completing the toboggan refresher is one of the  minimum requirements to be registered as an Alpine Patroller (Sec 5.1.3 of P&P). If the Patroller did not complete the toboggan refresher last season and you are registering the patroller for this season, it is my opinion that if they had not completed the toboggan refresher before you registered them this year, they should be registered as a Patroller, not an Alpine Patroller. When, or if they complete a toboggan refresher, they may be reregistered as an Alpine Patroller. I have asked for a confirmation from Eastern Division as to whether they believe my interpretation is correct. There is now a liability issue for a non refreshed patroller handling a sled if there is litigation and they question the training and competence of the patrollerís sled handling skills. National would like to avoid being a part of each Stateís EMS because of the required additional training that is not specific to what a ski patroller needs. It is important to comply with Nationalís minimum requirements with integrity.

There is no longer an automatic requirement to take the cross off a uniform worn by a Patroller. In the past, when an Alpine Patroller changed classifications and registered as a Patroller, P&P required the removal of the back cross and front patch. The current P&P says uniform decisions are managementís responsibility. I would encourage all patrols to have a conversation about the uniform with mountain management. I have heard pros and cons to taking or leaving the cross on the uniform. It is not my decision to make so I urge you to lead you management to the best decision for your patrol.

October 24, 2013

Darcy Hanley

NSP Managing Director

NSP Pro Deals

Many of our sponsors are reporting that patrollers both paid and volunteer are abusing the pro deals offered on the website. This jeopardizes the great deals we have, our reputation with industry partners and a loss of contracts (Atomic is one).  Therefore we are being proactive and calling each patroller who abuses the system and we will remove them from the pro offers.  Please communicate to your members that pro deals are for patrollers only.  Not family, friends and or acquaintances.  No exceptions!  Buying six pairs of skis and shipped to six different locations is a perfect example.  Thank you for your support in this effort. 


June 3, 2013

John Tuttle - CNY Region Director

RE: Patrol Registration Fees


Some patrols hold their dues money which hurts patrollers because they do not receive their registration cards on a timely basis. I would urge all PDs to make sure their dues are sent in before Thanksgiving. Eastern division charges a late fee as of 1/1 and National as of 2/1.


This notice from Donna McGraw discusses the Eastern Division's "late fee" policy:

  • At the April 2013 Eastern Division Spring Officers meeting, there was a discussion on whether to keep or absolve the Division registration late fee that occurs on January 1st of each year. This fee appears on the NSP Dues Payment Summary Voucher on that date. 

  • A motion was made to retain and enforce the late fee of January 1st.  The motion was carried unanimously.

  • As of January 1st, 2014, any re-registrations with a late fee must pay the total dues showing on the amount due line.  The late fee does not pertain to New Members.  Non-payment of that fee will have your registration paperwork held up at the Division level until that late fee is received.